Charles K. Bens is an internationally recognized author, speaker and consultant specializing in organizational improvement and workplace wellness. His creative publications and presentations have garnered praise in the form of Man of the Year recognition in Canadian and US communities, a congratulations telegram from the President of the United States and a presentation to the United Nations Habitat Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dr. Bens was recently selected as the Vail Visiting Professor for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and has been rated as the top speaker on health and wellness for Vistage International, the largest CEO network in the world.

Magazines featuring Dr. Bens’ articles include:

  • Life Extension Magazine
  • National Health Care Reform Magazine
  • Total Health Magazine
  • Vitality Magazine (Canada)
  • Corporate Wellness Magazine
  • Municipal World Magazine (Canada)
  • Self Funding Magazine
  • Voluntary Benefits Magazine
  • Holistic Primary Care

Books by Dr. Bens include:

  • Health in Your Pocket
  • Rebecca Sues Her Mother: You Caused My Diabetes
  • Healthy at Work: Your Pocket Guide to Good Health
  • The Perfect Diet: Why Eating a Good Diet Is Not Good Enough
  • The Healthy Smoker: How to Quit Smoking By Becoming Healthier First

Recent articles by Dr. Bens include:

  • The Beginning of the End of the War on Medicine
  • The Evolution of Nutrition
  • Breast Cancer: The Less Told Story
  • Cholesterol and Heart Disease: A Surprising Second Opinion
  • Healthcare Costs Could Bankrupt America
  • Doctors as Educators
  • Preventing and Treating Cancer, What Really Works?
  • Employers Make Costly Healthcare Mistakes Every Day
  • Why Do Weight Loss Studies Get Mixed Results?
  • Weight Loss for Women of a Certain Age

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