Medical Advisory Qualifications

We at | Center for Advancement in Cancer Education have been working hard for many years (almost 40!) to provide resources and education for those battling cancer and those hoping to prevent it. You could be an integral part of this mission. As part of our expansion efforts, we have begun an online directory of people with a wide range of skills, backgrounds, experiences and services, but who all have a similar purpose –helping others stay healthy. Should you elect to become a part of our Medical Advisory Panel (MAP), you will automatically be a part of this directory. However, since MAP’s members are also featured so prominently on our website, which is growing at an exponential rate, we’d like to ask a bit more of you than we will of others who will not be featured. Should you decide to that our Medical Advisory Panel is a good fit for you, your professional views and opinions will be shared with our expanding email base of over 8,500 Cancer Prevention Seekers, Cancer Patients, and Other Health Professionals as well as our website that currently reaches an annual unique audience of about 360,000 people (and growing). In order to become a part of the Medical Advisory Panel, we’d like to ask you to commit to the following four things: Write and submit 2 unique blog posts per year for our blog. Provide at least one permanent reciprocal link on your website or blog to Participate in at least 1 podcast per year (We can interview you or you can interview us).
  • Provide basic contact information: Organization, Name, Address, Phone, Email, Website and description of services.
Additionally, if you could provide the following optional items, it would only strengthen our relationship: A brief testimonial on why you do what you do, and why you feel can help. Participation in our Affiliate program, and our inclusion in yours (if you have one). We feel that the items above are simple requests, but did not want to assume you would agree to them. That is why we are giving you the option now. Should you like to join the Medical Advisory Panel, simply follow this link to our contact page and let us know that you will provide the requested items, and a rough idea of the timeline in which you will provide them. That’s all we need! Thank you kindly for the great work you are doing. We know that, together, we can help BeatCancer!